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Our success is built on experience and respect. Because our partners are veteran trial attorneys with solid reputations, prosecutors consider our evaluations of a particular case and think carefully about taking a case to trial.


With zeal and fairness, our litigators garner respect and work hard to give our clients the best outcome available. 

Representative Cases: 

  • Represented CEO of Manhattan supermarket chain in connection with 4.5 million dollar fraud against US Department of Agriculture. Client pled to reduced felony charges. No federal prosecution; No jail time.

  • Represented at trial top-ranked NCAA basketball player charged with rape of fellow college student.  Full jury acquittal.

  • Represented man charged with murder of NYPD police officer in highly charged and publicized case. Jury acquittal on Murder one.

  • Represented health care billing business and its CEO in NY Attorney General and NY County DA investigation of allegedly false billing practices.  No charges filed.

  • Represented A-list movie star charged with weapons possession.  Charges dismissed with no publicity. 

  • Represented other movie and television personalities charged with a wide-range of crimes.  Each time all charges dismissed without fanfare. 

  • Represented at trial club promoter in alleged felony assault inside a Manhattan nightclub. Full jury acquittal. 

  • Represented man in highly publicized assault and kidnapping featured on Fatal Attraction TV show. Jury acquittal on top count; avoiding a life sentence. 

  • Represented Colombian nationals in regard to passport fraud investigation by DOJ and US Diplomatic Security Services. No criminal charges filed.

  • Represented CEO of Brooklyn construction business in connection with DOJ investigation of money laundering of high profile bank robberies. No criminal charges filed.

  • Represented “serial bride” charged with marrying 10 men some of whom were wanted terrorists investigated by DOJ and charged Bronx County DA. No jail time. 

  • Represented CEO and doctor of a Brooklyn medical center prosecuted by DOJ for Medicare fraud. Hung jury; no jail time.

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