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On behalf of a wide range of clients - individuals falsely arrested, victims of police brutality, political demonstrators, prisoners, protected classes - we have taken on prosecutors and police departments for violating sacred constitutional rights. Our successes have been possible because of thorough research and preparation, extensive evidence gathering, spirited in-court advocacy, and proactive public relations approaches outside the courtroom.

Representative Cases:

  • Represented class of arrestees who were systematically abused by the NYC Dept. of Corrections NYPD during the arrest processing.  After years of litigation the City of New York settled and agreed to fundamentally change its practices; and awarded substantial settlements for all members of the class action. 

  • Represented a class of plaintiffs falsely arrested for looting during Hurricane Sandy.  Valuable settlement for all plaintiffs.

  • Represented plaintiffs falsely arrested during Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.  All criminal charges dismissed and successful settlements for all plaintiffs. 

  • Successfully represented innocent man falsely arrested by Port Authority Police.  Plaintiff received favorable jury verdict in SDNY Federal Court. 

  • Represented Nigerian nationals in civil rights action and Federal Tort Claims Act against NYPD and US Marshals Service for malicious prosecution claims.  After deposition of Federal agents; government agreed to full settlement.

  • Represented plaintiff arrested for video-taping act of police brutality.  Successful settlement for First Amendment and civil rights violations. 

  • Representing female plaintiff in a law suit against NYC Dept. of Corrections for sexual assault by a Corrections Officer. 

  • Representing plaintiff in a lawsuit against City of New York for negligence resulting in the death of his son. 

  • Representing plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Brooklyn District Attorneys Office for 14 months of unjust detention.  

  • Representing plaintiff in a lawsuit against the NYPD for falsely arresting him for violating a statute that was declared unconstitutional.  

  • Representing multiple plaintiffs in a law suit against the NYPD regarding a police officer who was moonlighting as a pimp. 

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